Charity and Benevolence Forum

It was a great start to the Charity and Benevolence Forums on Sunday at The Cloisters, a packed room, a great presentation, Freemasons and their families and a free lunch! What more could you ask for?

The presentation was expertly delivered by W.Bro Simon Cooper PAGDC, Provincial Grand Almoner and W.Bro Chris Noble PAGDC, Provincial Grand Charity Steward.  Their knowledge of how the Masonic Charitable Foundation ( is operating to support not only Freemasons but their families and others is amazing. The forum was a great opportunity to not only understand how the MCF works but also how the contributions that we are making are helping people from all walks of life.

The afternoon was made even better by the presence of staff from the Garden House Hospice in Letchworth that explained how their hospice system works and how the work that the Masonic community does on their behalf in raising money really does make a difference. It was at this point that R.W. Bro Paul Gower, Provincial Grand Master, was pleased to present the representatives of GHH with a certificate that shows that the MCF has been pleased to donate £2,718 to them.

There are many more forums taking place over the next  few weeks:


The Provincial Grand Master, Dick Knifton PSGD, Assistant Provincial Grand Master, Provincial Grand Almoner and Provincial Grand Charity Steward would like to thank all of those that attended and look forward to seeing others over the coming weeks.

Left to right;   R.W.Bro, Paul Gower  PGM,  Lisa Seccombe, Hospice  Director and fundraising, marketing and communications,  and Jordan Russell, Community Fundraiser.

PGM with GHH