Hertfordshire 2019 Festival Report from the PGM

Hertfordshire 2019 Festival

Royal Masonic Institute for Girls and Boys

All of the Festival re-launch meetings have now taken place and I want to say how delighted I was with the responses received.

Every meeting was well supported with the total attendance approaching 600 people and almost 75% of the Lodges in the Province being represented.

It was especially pleasing to note that almost 25% of the attendance was by wives, partners and non-Masonic guests.

We had the opportunity of showcasing a number of the local charities that we support as Freemasons and they all expressed their gratitude for the support received from the Masonic community.

I am grateful to all of the centres where meetings were held for their unstinting and generous support in terms of venue and refreshments.

Above all I want to publicly record my thanks and appreciation to the Festival President, Dick Knifton and to our Charity Steward, Chris Noble. They have worked extremely hard in organising these meetings and can be justly proud of what they have achieved. They do, of course, have the assistance of a large number of volunteers, Stew Willet, Mark and Hazel Scanes who have managed the sales of regalia etc. at every meeting, Steve Spooner and Peter Lucas to name but a few.

I, and the Province, owe them a great deal of thanks.


Paul Gower