Message from Provincial Grand Charity Steward

2019-herts-festivalAs we pass the half way stage of the 2019 Herts Festival I have to thank the wonderful generosity of the Happy Herts Masons who have donated an incredible £2.01m  or 67% toward our £3m target. 22 Lodges have reached Vice Patron (80%) : 14 have achieved Patron (100%) and 8 have already donated in excess of 120% of their target and gained Grand Patron status.   

The list of Lodges and Chapters using gift aid envelopes continues to grow. 39 Chapters and 144 Lodges have collected an amazing £264,000, claiming back over £64,000 in Tax.


charity-jewelFestival Honorifics : 1,900 members have supported the Festival, The Province and their Lodges by qualifying as Festival Stewards. 51 members have donated a massive £186k by qualifying as Festival Grand Patrons. 164 have qualified as Patrons donating nearly £223k and 170 Vice Patrons have together donated £146k.  

Lodge & Chapter Honorifics : 22 Lodges have reached 80% Target achieving Vice patronage : 14 are Patrons having donated 100% Target and 8 are Grand Patrons donating in excess of 120% Target. A new level is being introduced for high achievers,so watch out for details.

E Comp Howard Collins continues to encourage his members to support the Festival, and he has 48 Chapters who have donated. We thank the members most sincerely.

Perhaps a timely reminder to “donate to charity not save for charity”. Banks and building societies continue to pay derisory rates of interest. The RMTGB needs our money now. In return they will award a good rate of interest on your donations toward your Lodge and personal honorifics. Thus far we have gained £67,450 interest, the equivalent of four or five extra Lodges.

Festival Steward : not too late to qualify. Just £15.00 per month until the end of June 2019 will immediately qualify you and we look forward to presenting your jewel in open lodge. Download the RPP form now .
Lodge of True Aim 9930 : The new “shooting Lodge” aims high and expects to hit their Festival Target with half the Festival remaining. They have already reached Vice Patron with the certificate presented by RWBro Paul Gower Provincial Grand Master  to the 9930 IPM WBro Dick Knifton (Festival Chairman) at their March meeting. Several Jewels were presented to members from our neighbouring Provinces, who have set high standards in qualifying to help the Lodge reach the target : Bedfordshire : Northants : Essex : Bucks and London