Light Blue Installation

Newly Installed Worshipful Master of Halsey Lodge No 1478, W Bro Dan O’Connell and members of the Fleet House Light Blues Club

On Thursday, 25 April, the Secretary of the Fleet House Light Blues Club, W Bro Dan O’Connell was Installed as Worshipful Master of Halsey Lodge No 1479 for the first time. He was placed in to the Chair of King Solomon in excellent form by fellow FHLBC member, W Bro Mark Pedroz and went on to invest a number of other FHLBC (and Halsey) members in to many of the key offices within the Lodge.

Nearly 70 people filled the temple for the ceremony, including FHLBC Chairman, W Bro Neil Connolly (who was on duty, representing the Provincial Grand Master) and many other FHLBC members. The meeting was followed by a bumper Festive Board where the number of guests actually out-numbered the members of the Lodge.

To mark such a special occasion, W Bro O’Connell shared a very fine bottle of 1977 port that had been laid down for him when he was born and was delighted when fellow FHLBC member, Bro Graham Funnell presented him with a charging glass etched with the club logo and the dates of his key Masonic milestones.

After the majority of the Brethren had left, W Bro O’Connell retired to the bar where Bro Luke Crouch and W Bro David Clement treated him to an impromptu rendition of ‘Johnny B Goode’!