Remembering Bravery and Sacrifice

Members of the military, the Provincial Grand Master and local school children lay wreaths at the Liberator Memorial

On 12 August 1944 a B-24 Liberator from RAF Wending was on its way to perform a bombing mission when an incident occurred which sent the plane, with its full payload of explosives, headed straight for the heart of Cheshunt. The 12-person crew remained onboard to steer the aircraft clear of the town; saving hundreds of lives but losing their own in the process.

Over 75 years later, the people of Cheshunt and the surrounding area come together each year to remember this remarkable act of bravery and honour those who sacrificed their lives for the town.

This year’s event, which is hosted by the Hertfordshire Lodge of the Legion No 9827, will take place on Saturday, 2 November at the memorial just outside St Mary’s High School in Cheshunt and all are invited to attend.

This year’s event is shaping up to be the biggest yet, with those attending including:

  • The Provincial Grand Master, Right Worshipful Brother Paul Gower
  • The Lieutenancy of Hertfordshire – Deputy Lieutenant Vice Admiral Alan Richards
  • The High Sheriff of Herfordshire, Sarah Beazley
  • The Worshipful the Mayor of Broxbourne, Cllr Steve Wortley
  • Colonel Cassius T Bentley III, USAF Vice Commander 100th ARW
  • Squadron Leader P R Graham, RAF Commander Mildenhall
  • USAF Honour Guard
  • Mr David Parnell representing the 392nd Bomb Group Memorial Association
  • Contingents of the Cheshunt Sea Cadets
  • Contingents of 1239 Squadron Air Cadets, Broxbourne and Hoddesdon
  • Pupils of St Mary’s School

The event commences at 10:45 and those attending the event are invited to return to Halsey Masonic Hall in Cheshunt afterwards.

The memorial to the crew of the B-24 Liberator