Discovering Minerva

Discover more about the mysteries of Freemasonry with the Minerva Talks YouTube channel

Last January saw the launch of Minerva Talks; a YouTube-based show featuring two Freemasons from Hertfordshire. The aim of the show is to discuss general ‘mysteries’ at an entry level, so that viewers can then go away and do their own research; helping people achieve that ‘daily advancement’.

The two hosts, Dan O’Connell and Duncan Burden, have been fascinated with mysteries for many years but often sit on different sides of the fence; referencing both Freemasonry and their own personal experience throughout the shows.

Shot in Hertfordshire’s Masonic centres, the monthly shows cover such wide-ranging topics as the Knights Templar Tunnels in Hertford, the Illuminati (and its Masonic origins), Renne Le Chateau in France, Cicada 3301 (a modern secret society) and the Royston Cave. The show now has a loyal following which continues to grow with each release.

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