Announcement from the Provincial Grand Master

Provincial Grand Master, Paul Gower

Brethren all,

As you aware, the retirement date from my duties as Provincial Grand Master had been set as 31 May 2020.

However, given the difficult circumstances we find ourselves in, both as a Country in general and Freemasonry in particular, the Pro Grand Master has requested that I remain in office until such time as it is possible for my successor to be installed by one of the Rulers of the Craft.

I have, with the full support of my wife Barbara, acceded to the Pro Grand Master’s request and will therefore remain as your Provincial Grand Master for the foreseeable future. This decision is also supported by Neil Connolly; the Provincial Grand Master Designate.

As a consequence, the structure of the Executive will remain as it is at present; with the proposed changes in office taking place at the appropriate time.

Brethren, I hope you will continue to support our Province in the way only the Brethren of ‘Happy Hertfordshire’ can.

Paul Gower
Provincial Grand Master