A Message from the Provincial Grand Master

The Provincial Grand Master, Paul Gower, with the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent for Hertfordshire, James Sharpley, and the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, Dick Knifton

Dear Brethren

How circumstances can change at short notice in this modern world and how ready we must always be to adapt our plans to cater for those changes.

Today we should have been celebrating the Centenary of the Hertfordshire Masters’ Lodge No 4090 at the Royal Masonic School for Girls at Rickmansworth.

Sadly, the many months of planning for that occasion have had to be shelved for the present but let us hope that by April of next year we will be able to gather again to celebrate and to share our love of the fraternal society of which we are all so proud to be members.

I have been heartened during these last stressful weeks at the magnificent response that we as Freemasons have given to rise to the challenge of the Coronavirus pandemic not only for our own brethren but also for our local communities at large. The many reports of good deeds and assistance freely given have however been sadly been dimmed by the losses that we have suffered by the passing of a number of our Brethren who have succumbed to Covid-19.

Let us therefore take a moment to remember those of our members who are no longer with us, to thank the GAOTU for the preservation of Hertfordshire Masters’ lodge since its Consecration on 19 May 1920 and for Him giving us the strength and fortitude to face with quiet resolve the difficulties before us.

I very much look forward to the resumption of masonic activity as soon as circumstances permit and in the meantime I send my best wishes to you all for the safety and well-being of you and your loved ones until we can meet again.

Paul Gower
Provincial Grand Master