Meals on Wheels

Halsey Hall caterer Geoff Wright with volunteers W Bro Justin Tepper and Harry and Natasha Jackson (in the car)

During this time, when some people may be confined to their homes or find it difficult to get supplies from the supermarket, RJ Catering, the caterers at Halsey Hall in Cheshunt, are offering a food delivery service within the local area.

As well as basic supplies, such as bread and eggs etc, their menu includes some ready meals that can be microwaved at home and some desserts. These will be delivered in 650 ml tubs, so may even be enough for a couple of servings. The meals will have a three-day shelf life and a ‘use by’ date sticker will be applied to the packaging.

The deliveries take place each Monday evening and serve an area of 8 miles’ radius around the towns of Cheshunt, Harpenden and St Albans. All orders need to be confirmed by the Saturday before.

To view the menu and place your orders (using secure online payment), please click here.