A Bit of FUNd Raising

Members of Kudu Lodge No 8662 in scouting uniforms with special guest Rosie Highmore

Like many Lodges, Kudu Lodge No 8662 has started conducting virtual meetings in place of their usual Lodge of Instruction. Being a ‘kindred’ lodge of scouting (they have a dispensation to wear scouting uniforms at their May meeting each year), they decided to have a little fun in honour of St George’s Day (St George is also the Patron Saint of Scouts) by dressing in their scouting uniforms for the Thursday night ‘clap for carers’. This coincided with the BBC Children in Need’s ‘Big Night In’ event, where all UK Scouts were taking part in a ‘Walk to the Moon’ fundraising challenge.

In addition to wearing their uniforms, the members of Kudu Lodge all made donations to the ‘Walk the Moon’ challenge and, with assistance from the Wendover Gemini Badger Scout troop, managed to raise over £350 for charity. Rosie Highmore, who is a member of the troop and the granddaughter of Lodge Inner Guard, John Highmore, herself walked more than 4,000 steps through Wendover Woods as part of the challenge. She is picture below in her uniform alongside other members of the Lodge.

Lodge Charity Steward, Pete Cowland offered his thanks to all involved, for their efforts and for having a bit of fun during these trying times, and reminded all that “a Scout smiles and whistles through all difficulties.”