Grand Ranks for Hertfordshire

The brethren listed below have been offered appointment to or promotion in Grand Rank with effect from 28th April 2021.

There will be no Annual Investiture this year.


David Richard ELLIS, OBE                                                   PJGD

Malcolm Philip ANDREWS                                                  PAGDC

Robert George CORDERY                                                    PAGDC

Larry Jeffery LEVINE                                                            PAGDC

Edward Joseph QUINTON                                                   PAGDC

Gary WOODS                                                                        PAGDC

Roger Adrian MALLETT                                                       PAGStB


Hugh Gaven Matthew LOVE                       PGStB 18          PSGD

Ronald Hugh FAULDS                               PAGDC 12         PJGD

David James THOMPSON                          PAGDC 14         PJGD


Gp Capt Peter John BRINDLE                                              DepGSwdB

Christopher David RADMORE                                             JGD

Italics indicates recommended by Metropolitan or other Province