New & Young Masons Club Conference

In 2019 the Fleet House Light Blues Club pitched to host a national conference for other New and Young Masons Clubs. After winning the pitch, the covid pandemic held the conference back a year. After a long wait the conference went ahead last weekend. The FHLBC welcomed the Pro Grand Master, the UGLE Communications team, members of our provincial execute, guest speakers and delegates from all over the UK. 

The theme of the conference was ‘Engaging your membership’ and allowed all new and young masons clubs to learn about how best to engage Freemasons outside of the lodge. The Fleet House Light Blues Club is known for its variety of social events and masonic education, and this was a chance to pass on that knowledge. 

Around 90 people attended the conference, and the same again at a special lodge meeting of Salisbury Union Lodge in the evening. The temple at Ashwell House was full, and the brethren were treated to a wonderful ceremony and lively festive board.

The whole event was a huge success and really well delivered by the FHLBC committee along with the Salisbury Union team. If you wear a light blue (or white) apron, you are eligible to join the FHLBC, the club already has over 130 members and continues to grow. Visit the website: