Fund Raising Ideas

There are any number of ways each Lodge can approach the task of fund raising and the list may include some of the following:
Lodge 100 Clubs, Raffles, Organised after-dinner speaking event, Theatre Visits, Wine tasting, Quiz Nights, Race Nights, Garden Parties, Barbecues and Hog Roasts, Traditional Celebrations such as Burns Nights etc., and Sponsored events.
This is not by any means an exhaustive list but may stimulate ideas for your Lodge.

The Province hope to organise an annual Christmas Draw with significant cash prizes, and other events as circumstances allow which will be suitably publicised in advance

The Herts Provincial Web Site is there to highlight and advertise such events please send details to WBro Chris Noble

The Herts Provincial Relief Chest is available for such events where you need to offer a “just donate” sponsorship page
The Provincial 2019 Festival Prize Draw has been successfully running since 2014 and invites each Lodge to purchase the draw tickets at £1 each and £5 per book. The prizes are £1,000 : £500 : £250 : 5 x £100 with the draw by the Provincial Grand Master at the November 4090 meeting. Winners will be notified and posted on the web site. Every Lodge purchase will be attributed toward the Lodge Festival Target. Good luck in the draw.