Gift Aid envelope scheme

2019 Herts Festival RMTGB

Royal Masonic Trust for Girls & Boys

The gift aid envelope scheme is so easy to operate once you know how

1 : Add your Lodge name & number to the envelopes prior to the meeting.

This will save confusion

2 : issue an envelope to each member & guests/visitors

(in the Temple or at the Festive Board)

3 : Ask them to complete donor detail making sure they add their full name,

house number, post code (no need for full address)

4 : Deacons to collect envelopes as usual

5 : convert the cash to a single cheque made payable RMTGB

(make sure your Lodge name/number is on reverse)

6 : Complete an Envelope Verification Form

7 : send it all off to the RMTGB (gift aid envelopes + cheque + verification form)

8 : The RMTGB will manage the rest. They will collect tax relief/gift aid and

accredit same to the Lodge (total) and to the individual member and guest

9 : Upon request They will provide a statement informing you of your

Lodge/members/guests performance against your Festival Target

155 Lodges and 53 Chapters have collected £352k claiming £88k gift aid so far!