From Red Rampant Lyon to Red Rampant Lyon: Happy Hertfordshire

Foreword by Colin Harris, Past Provincial Grand Master for Hertfordshire.

In 1997, to mark the bicentenary of the Province of Hertfordshire, Alan Turney was responsible for producing the book ‘Happy Hertfordshire’, which recorded details of our history. In his first chapter Alan explored the earlier phase of Masonry in Hertfordshire; pointing out that three Lodges had, in fact, been consecrated before 1797 but that all had, in turn, failed to survive.

The first was the Lodge of The Red Rampant Lyon, the second the Lodge of St Amphibalus which was refounded in 1985 and the third the Baldock Lodge of Harmony (refounded in 1931). It was Alan’s great wish that the first one too should be refounded and, when I became Provincial Grand Master, I promised him that I would try to bring this about.

Thus in 2009, Allan Atkinson, then Deputy Provincial Grand Master, consecrated the new Lodge bearing that ancient name with myself as the first Worshipful Master. Sadly, Alan Turney was by then too ill to attend (he had accepted the invitation with alacrity and withdrew only with great reluctance). But in spirit he was very much part of the proceedings.

In our later contacts, I asked his permission to publish a 21st century version of his book in electronic form so that it could be kept up-to-date. He readily assented and then wrote to suggest the title which we have enthusiastically adopted above, in tribute to his memory.

I hope that you find this new version both interesting and informative.

The Province from 1739 – 2008

Pre 1797: Before Forssteen

William Forssteen

George Daniel Harvey

The 2nd Marquess of Salisbury

William Stuart

The Rt Hon Sir Frederick Halsey

Charles Edward Keyser

Admiral Sir Lionel Halsey

The Reverend Canon Frederick Halsey

The Reverend Dr Joseph Moffett

Colonel Alexander Wood

Guy Marsden Halsey

Godfrey Blagdon Wescott Kent

Michael Batham Jones

Colin Frank Harris