Ludgrove Lodge

Lodge Number: 7766
Consecration: 5 June 1961
Meeting Place: Mayflower Place – Hertingfordbury
Meeting Dates: 4th Tuesday September (Installation)
4th Tuesday November
4th Tuesday February
4th Tuesday April


”The Masonic Lodge is affiliated to the Province of Hertfordshire and was founded on Monday 5 th  June 1961.

Ludgrove Lodge was consecrated as a result of a developing Old Students Association encouraged by Mr. Allan Clayton, the first Headmaster of East Barnet Modern School. The Founders included former pupils and fathers of pupils.

Two hundred members and guests attended the Consecration conducted by RW Bro the Rev. Dr Joseph Moffett. Although originally the Lodge was formed as an addition to the Association, today it encourages Members from other backgrounds to provide Freemasonry Universal and to live up to the Banner Motto ‘En Avant’, or literally, ‘Forward’.

The Lodge name stems from the historic Ludgrove School which at one time stood near Cockfosters and the Grounds which were used by the School as playing fields and on which the first Old Students Clubhouse was built. Whilst the East Barnet School has changed over the years, Mr. Clayton’s vision of Old Students in Association remains strong in the Ludgrove Lodge.

Two old students in particular were responsible for its foundation – Michael Brazier and John (Jack) Rawlings – together with parents of Old Students. The Lodge was originally open to all Old Students, members of staff of the school and those associated with the school and/or the old students association.

The ‘old students’ at Foundation were Mike Brazier, Jack Rawlings, Edgar Reid, John Scott and Ronald Shimeild.

The Parents were Ernest Griffiths, Arthur Gubbins, Ernest Scott (father), John Scott (grandfather), Harry Burgin, Edward Rawlings, Ernest Davidson and Roderick Mills.

The first initiate was John Gubbins. The first ‘home’ was the Red Lion at Barnet and in 1969 moved to the Southgate Masonic Centre. We then moved to The Halsey Hall at Cheshunt and in 2016 we moved to Mayflower Place, Hertingfordbury.

The Lodge now meets four times a year. Our 250th meeting will be held during the year 2016.

Ludgrove Lodge Plaque


The Lodge Plaque was made by Edward Rawlings from bomb damaged marble from HM Queen’s bathroom in. Buckingham Palace. Being a marble mason, he repaired the bathroom and used the marble in the 1970s for the plaque. During Lodge meetings, the Plaque sits on the Lodge Secretary’s table, and at our after-proceedings is displayed at the top table, in front of our Worshipful Master.

This Plaque, as well as the logo at the top of the Lodge summons and our banner carry a crest. The crossed swords indicate a battle, the red and white roses, the War of the Roses.

The Greek letter, omega, being the last letter of the Greek alphabet, the last battle, the Battle of Barnet. The words of the motto, “En Avant” mean “Forward”.