Masonic Regalia

Quality regalia made to the highest standards

I was invited to join the Provincial team at Fleet house in March 2008 for the purpose of selling second hand and refurbished regalia. At the start we had one tatty apron case and two apron badges but with the help and assistance of the Provincial Executive, including the PGM and many Lodge secretary’s, the word was spread around, and members, regalia started to arrive almost on a daily basis and by September of that year we were able to supply most orders with refurbished aprons, badges and jewels.

About that time it was suggested that we should advance into the supply of new regalia and to that end I was dispatched to Pakistan to deal directly with the manufacturers.  The trip was a success and we have been trading with them on a regular basis ever since .We can now supply from stock, new regalia and Jewels for all ranks in Craft, Royal Arch, Mark, Royal Ark Mariner and Rose Croix.

We still require a continuous supply of second hand regalia and donations are always welcomed

We also stock Provincial ties, cufflinks, gloves, apron belt extensions, ritual books and leisure wear.

It has been over four years since we started our service to Hertfordshire Masons and we have grown year on year. We now offer a comprehensive free badge fitting service to all Hertfordshire Masons and undertake minor repairs to aprons and collars including restringing of apron fringes where broken and breast jewel ribbon replacement.  We also supply leather cases for all ranks.

The operation of this service to the members of our Province has played a major part in keeping the Provincial dues at the same level for a number of years.

In conclusion the success of this service is down to all the members of this Province that have supported us in our endeavours and long may it continue.

Keith Fothergill
Regalia Service

Opening times are from 9am to 3pm Monday to Friday, our email address is