All Hallows Lodge

Lodge Number: 7662
Consecration: 30 November 1959
Meeting Place: Halsey Masonic Hall – Cheshunt
Meeting Dates: 3rd Thursday February (Installation)
1st Thursday May
4th Thursday September
4th Thursday November


On the 30 th November 1959, 133 Freemasons gather at the Rembrandt Hotel, Thurlow Place, London SW1, for the consecration meeting of All Hallows Lodge Number 7662, lead by the consecrating officer RW Brother Philip C Bull, then Provincial Grand Master of Middlesex.

The 16 Founders were all in attendance and the last of those founders, W/Bro Derek Black, passed to tThe Grand Lodge above in 2009. At the end of the meeting 6 Masons were proposed as joining members and there were 4 proposals for Candidates for Initiation.

The 6 Joining members were welcomed into the Lodge at the 1 st Regular meetingheld on the 11 th February 1960. At the same meeting the 1 st candidates were initiated, Mr John Rist and Mr Reg Parkin. The ceremony was carried out by W/Bro Cyril Weeden, the Lodge’s 1 st Master.

From that meeting until the November meeting in 1974 the Lodge met at The Regal Rooms Edmonton. In April 1975 the Lodge moved to Southgate Masonic Centre where it remained for the next 15 years. The last meeting held there on 24 th May 1990 marked the end of Chapter One in the Lodge’s history.

Chapter Two begins with what must surely be the Lodge’s biggest event in its history so far. Not only a change of venue but a change of Province. On 22 nd November 1990 the Lodge met for the first time at Halsey Hall Masonic Centre, Cheshunt and as members of the Masonic Province of Hertfordshire, where we still remain.

Since its founding All Hallows have had 3 venues meeting on different dates but always on a Thursday, why Thursday and why All Hallows.?

A large number of the 16 founders worked in or near or lived near the stretch of Tottenham High Road between Seven Sisters and Edmonton. To commemorate its roots they chose to name the Lodge All Hallows after Tottenham’s parish church, with which some had links. The church on the Lodge’s banner is therefore All Hallows Church. Why Thursdays for Meetings? In 1959 a lot of businesses worked Saturday mornings, but closed for half a day during the week. In Tottenham it was Thursdays someeting days were fixed for Thursdays to avoid taking time off work.

During the last 50 years 124 have joined the Lodge of which 95 have been Initiates and 29 Joining Members. Some have left for various reasons but many of them and the original founders have gone on to give All Hallows valiant service and it would of course be unfair to mention any individual by name but to them all we owe a debt of gratitude which can never be repaid.

On the 2 nd May, 2002 our 171 st Regular Meeting also became a Banner Dedication with W/Bro John Tapster Assistant Provincial Grand Master as Dedicating Officer and W/Bro David Ferris acting as his ADC. A Royal Arch Chapter also to be called All Hallows No 7662 was consecrated on 7 th October 2002.

During the Lodge’s time in Middlesex in had been the Sponsoring Lodge for Lodge No 8224. In September 2006 we agreed to become the Sponsoring Lodge for a Hertfordshire Lodge to be called The Hertfordshire Lodge of the Legion No 9827, which was consecrated on 23 rd March 2007.

I am pleased to say the first three Masters of this Lodge have all been Past Master of All Hallows.

One thing is always close to our members’ hearts – the quality of All Hallows ritual work which is supported by a strong LOI, which still continues today. We are sure the founders would have been justly proud of this ongoing achievement.

No one knows what the future holds. Members of the Lodge and all those who have been members since the far off days of 1959 hope that All Hallows Lodge will be as strong as it has always been, in November 2059 when it celebrates its100 years Anniversary.