Asylums Board Lodge

Lodge Number: 2842
Consecration: 29 April 1901
Meeting Place: Halsey Masonic Hall – Cheshunt
Meeting Dates: 1st Thursday October (Installation)
2nd Thursday February
1st Tuesday May
2nd Thursday December


The Lodge was consecrated by VW Bro Sir Edward Letchworth, Grand Secretary, at the Cafe Royal. It was established for the Members and Past Members of the Metropolitan Asylums Board, which had been formed in 1867 to have responsibility for some, not all, mental hospitals in the London area, and to operate a number of specialist hospitals for infectious diseases and tuberculosis. (The Board was abolished by the Local Government Act 1929 and its responsibilities and assets were transferred to the London County Council in April 1930) The restrictive qualifications for Members was relaxed in 1912 in favour of Sons of Members, and in 1918 all restrictive qualifications were waived.

After ninety-three years of meeting at the Cafe Royal, it was resolved in 1993 to meet at The Halsey Masonic Hall, Cheshunt, and the Lodge transferred to the Province of Hertfordshire on 1st June 1993.

The Badge of the Lodge is taken from the Crest of the Metropolitan Asylums Board and represents St. Luke, the Beloved Physician.