Berkhampstead Lodge

Lodge Number: 504
Consecration: 1 January 1845
Meeting Place: Gables Hall – Linslade
Meeting Dates:  3rd Thursday January (Installation)
2nd Thursday March
2nd Thursday May
2nd Thursday October
3rd Thursday November


Being consecrated in 1845, Berkhampstead is one of the oldest lodges in Hertfordshire. Originally the Lodge was allocated No. 742. However, following the last numbering re-organisation it is now 504. The first master was the Rev. Lea Wilson. His elder brother Richard lea Wilson, who was the representative of the Grand Lodge of Texas, was both the Treasurer and Secretary.

PGL meetings were held under the banner of Berkhampstead Lodge at various times from 1848 to 1890. In more recent times the Lodge held a banner dedication in 1988 to replace a well worn banner. Subsequently, in 1995 the Lodge celebrated its 150th. Anniversary.

During most of its life, the lodge met in the town. However, the hall was demolished in the early 1980’s, to make way for new offices. This meant that the Lodge had to find other premises. In 1985 they moved to Gables Hall at Linslade, (near Leighton Buzzard) taking advantage of the very pleasant temple and the excellent dining facilities.

The Lodge is well known for its very old and rather large Tracing boards. Some of the firing glasses, used at Installation meetings, are also of an old age.

Members come not only from Berkhamsted and the outlying villages, but from Hemel Hempstead, Chesham and Linslade itself.

On occasion the Lodge will hold a White Table meeting when non-masons are able to join with members for a talk and a meal. These meetings do prove quite popular.

There is also a Berkhamsted Royal Arch Chapter and, a Lodge of Mark Master Masons.