Bissei Lodge

Lodge Number: 6563
Consecration: 20 January 1948
Meeting Place: Halsey Masonic Hall – Watford
Meeting Dates: 2nd Tuesday March (Installation)
2nd Tuesday January
2nd Tuesday April
2nd Tuesday October
2nd Tuesday November


It was felt by certain of the Brethen that a suitable Badge for the Lodge should be devised, and a  Committee was formed to consider the matter. They decided to approach Miss Lucy KempWelsh, a famous Royal Academician, whose father was a Mason, but had passed away. Miss Kemp-Welsh was a native of Bushey and then eighty-three years old. She very kindly undertook to do the work, and the Lodge has her original painting for which she refused all payment.

A copy of the suggested Badge was made and passed to Grand Lodge for approval. This was granted in principle but it was pointed out that as the Shield was heraldic in nature, permission would have to be obtained from the Royal College of Heralds, whose fee would have to be approximately 80 guineas. Grand Lodge did say however, that they would approve a Badge provided it was surrounded by a Laurel wreath, thus eliminating the Shield. This was done much to the disapproval of Miss Kemp-Welsh.

A Banner incorporating the Badge was embroidered and presented to the Lodge and consecrated by the RW Provincial Grand Master of Hertfordshire, the Rev Canon F Halsey.

The name ‘Bissei’, as in the Domesday Book, was the Saxon name for Bushey. The Latin, ‘Fidei Tertax’ is translated as ‘Firm in My Trust/Faith’.