Bodina Lodge

Lodge Number: 9121
Consecration: 19 September 1984
Meeting Place: The Masonic Hall – Radlett
Meeting Dates: 2nd Monday September (Installation)
4th Monday February
2nd Monday May
4th Monday November


The Founders were both members and visitors at Boundary Lodge No. 7695, the Sponsors and all were members of Lodges in either Hertfordshire, Middlesex, London or Surrey. Bodina is the Latin form of Boundary. On the Badge, the Boundary Stone has the word Catuvellauni which was, in about AD80, both an ancient tribe and a Province, the capital of which was Verularnium. Bodina Lodge was consecrated at St. Albans, and this is also the home of the Mother Lodge. Catuvellauni features in many Hertfordshire records and Middlesex, Hertfordshire, and part of London were in that Province. Installation at this Lodge has ‘Queen of Sheba’ working.