Catuvellauni Lodge

Lodge Number: 9435
Consecration: 13 September 1991
Meeting Place: The Cloisters – Letchworth
Meeting Dates: 3rd Friday October (Installation)
2nd Friday April
2nd Friday May
2nd Friday June
2nd Friday September


Catuvellauni is derived from the Belgae Tribe, the oldest recorded Tribe in Hertfordshire, even before the Romans, whom they fought in battle at Devils Dyke Wheathampstead. Both races then joined together, believing in “Strength in Unity” or “Potentia Per Concordiam”, as the Lodge Crest depicts, with Anatomical Man dressed as one of the Catuvellauni tribe standing on the square paving with arms outstretched linking the Terrestrial and Celestial Globes, which are supported on two Pillars, with the All Seeing Eye observing from above.

Lodge News

When W Brother Charles Culley became Master of Catuvellauni Lodge No 9435 in October 2002, he called the Treasurer to one side and said that he would like to use all the money raised during his year from the alms and raffles for some constructive purpose, preferably locally and for a young person or persons. Over the year £1200.00 was raised due to the generosity of the Brethren. Various enquiries were made and one of the other members of the Lodge mentioned Greenside School in Stevenage. Following a check visit by a member of the Lodge, W. Bro Charles decided that this sounded like the cause he was looking for. Accordingly on the 6th November 2003 W. Bro Charles attended the Greenside School and was there shown round. This is a special needs school, and takes children from about 4 years old to 18, helping them to get the best out of life that they possibly can, considering their, sometimes highly incapacitating disabilities. The staff are magnificent and to see the work that is done there, was, in the words of W Bro Charles after he left, immensely humbling. W Bro Charles presented the cheque to five year old Ben, who thought it was such fun we had to do three times, and the cheque was a little wrinkled by the time he agreed to surrender it after the last presentation. W Bro Charles was shown and told that this money would enable the School to refurbish the main “Sensory Room” where those children who have very limited interaction with the outside world are enabled to see, hear or feel something outside their closed worlds. W Bro Charles hopes to visit again to see the work after it is complete. All in all this is a most worthwhile School to support as it gives hope and some semblance of normality to children who, without this support would have very little indeed.