Cheshunt Lodge

Lodge Number: 2921
Consecration: 31 October 1902
Meeting Place: Halsey Masonic Hall – Cheshunt
Meeting Dates: 3rd Saturday April (Installation)
3rd Saturday February
3rd Saturday September
4th Saturday November


The first recorded meeting of the Lodge Founders took place on Saturday 20th July 1902 at Frascati’s Restaurant in Oxford Street, London, when the Cheshunt Lodge was officially founded.

Although there is a minute of this meeting, there must have been earlier meetings, as it does not refer to the petition which must have been signed by the original founders; neither does it refer to the objects of the Lodge should that petition receive favourable consideration. There is also no reference to our very good friends of James Terry Lodge, No 2372 who sponsored the petition to form Cheshunt Lodge.

The Lodge was consecrated by dispensation at the Great Eastern Hotel, London, on 31st October, by the Provincial Grand Master, T.F. Halsey MP.

Interestingly, the James Terry Mark Lodge was consecrated on the same day and in the same building. The two Lodges dined together in the evening. The combined dining cost for both Consecrations was £47 with Cheshunt Lodge paying £31.13s.4d

The Installation Meeting held in September 1903 was the indirect cause of the first alteration in the By-Laws. Owing to ill health the Master Elect was unable to offer himself for installation and it was apparent he would be unable to do so for some time.

The Brethren decided to elect another Master at the February meeting, with the reservation that the present Master Elect might offer himself as master  in the future. The Bye-Laws were accordingly altered so that the installation date changed from September to the third Saturday in April which has remained the installation night ever since.

The Lodge continued to make steady progress through the ensuing years. The place of meeting was changed frequently during the early years; in 1904 it was changed fromLondonand the Lodge met at the Falcon Hotel, Waltham Cross, until September 1919.

At an emergency meeting at the Great Eastern Hotel on 29th December 1919 it was decided to hold meetings there, which the Lodge did for the next few years, until 19thFebruary 1921 when we moved to the Shire Hall in Hertford.

The Lodge first met at Walnut Tree House on Saturday 18th July 1931, by dispensation, when the Brethren dined in a marquee, but reverted to the Shire Hall for the following September meeting.

We then returned to Walnut Tree House, which is our present home, with the Lodge playing a prominent part in the building of the Masonic Centre

During its existence the Cheshunt Lodge has sponsored three daughter Lodges. The Edward and Alexander Lodge, No 3171, consecrated 19th October 1906, The Halsey Hall Lodge, No 4752, consecrated on 23rd September 1925, and the Cheshunt St. Mary’s Lodge No.6808, consecrated on 21st March 1949

A Royal Arch Chapter was consecrated on 29th January 1919, and our Lodge of Instruction was initiated in 1920

In 1961 it was unanimously decided that the Lodge would meet on the 4th Saturday in November instead of the 3rd Saturday in July as this latter fell when many Brethren were away on holiday seriously affecting Lodge attendance.

The Lodge has always given strong support to various Masonic charities. In addition to these, we subscribed £698 to the building of the Masonic Temple in Great Queen Street, a considerable sum at that time. Thus we are a Hall Stone Lodge. The Lodge also contributed to the 250th Anniversary of Masonry celebrations and have much satisfaction in seeing the Commemorative Jewel as part of the WM’s Collar.

We have also played our part in financing the extensions to Halsey Hall, which provides such wonderful facilities to Hertfordshire Lodges.