Chorleywood Lodge

Lodge Number: 3247
Consecration: 5 November 1907
Meeting Place: Halsey Masonic Hall – Watford
Meeting Dates: 2nd Monday November (Installation)
3rd Monday January
1st Thursday April
3rd Thursday September


In 1906 a W Bro George Barter of the Bloomsbury Rifles Lodge No 2362, and a Master Printer had retired to Chorleywood. He met at the Chorleywood Hotel with a number of local residents who were Freemasons to discuss the formation of a Lodge to meet in Chorleywood, with its membership to be drawn from those who lived and worked in the area.

On Tuesday November 5th 1907 the Consecration of the Lodge was held at the Chorleywood Hotel, with the Consecrating Officer being RW Bro the Rt. Hon Sir Thomas Frederick Halsey, Bart, MP, the Deputy Grand Master and also the PGM of the Province. The DepProvGM, W Bro Charles Edward Keyser, and six other senior Provincial Officers ably assisted him. All the eleven Founders were present and five candidates were elected for Initiation and one Joining member.

Over the years the Lodge has had strong ties with Local Government and the Police as well many other professions, such as Doctors, Civil Engineers, Bankers, Surveyors, Manufacturers and Stationers.

The Lodge still draws its membership from the Chorleywood and surrounding District

Several buildings of Tudor origin still remain in Chorleywood. One of the oldest is King John’s Farm, which is illustrated on the Lodge Banner, a timber half –framed house situated in Chorleywood Bottom.

From its consecration in 1907 the Lodge met and dined at various locations within Chorleywood but mainly at the Memorial Hall in Common Road. In 1993 the Lodge and other organisations meeting there had to move and it found its current home at Halsey Hall Watford.

In its 105 years of existence the Lodge has flourished. It has initiated 194 members, received 71 brothers as joining members, and recorded only a small number of exclusions. There have been seven instances of fathers and sons being members of the Lodge. Nine members have been honoured with Grand Rank and well over a hundred members received preferment in Provincial Grand Rank.

The Lodge has always demonstrated its ongoing commitment to charity; its history of giving speaks for itself.