Cloisters Lodge

Lodge Number: 7100
Consecration: 19 July 1951
Meeting Place: The Cloisters – Letchworth
Meeting Dates: 1st Friday October (Installation)
1st Friday February
1st Friday March
1st Friday May
1st Friday December


Cloisters Lodge was founded and named to commemorate the generous gift of ‘The Cloisters’ buildings and grounds to Freemasonry in 1948 by Miss A Lawrence (1863 – 1953) of Letchworth. These premises were originally designed as a theological retreat of an evangelical nature.

The Founders were from the existing Letchworth Lodges and in forming Cloisters Lodge, established and strengthened ties between the Masonic Lodges, related degrees, and this unique Masonic home. The Crest features the front entrance and illustrates this interesting and now well established Masonic Centre.

“This Cloisters, has a pleasant seat nimbly and pleasantly recommends itself unto our gentle senses”. (Macbeth)