Cranbourne Lodge

Lodge Number: 1580
Consecration: 29 March 1876
Meeting Place: Ashwell House – St Albans
Meeting Dates: 4th Tuesday May (Installation)
4th Tuesday March
4th Tuesday April
4th Tuesday September
4th Tuesday October


Cranboume Lodge was consecrated at the Red Lion, Hatfield by W Bro Dr. F H Wilson-Illes, Provincial Grand Secretary. The Lodge was sponsored by Hertford Lodge No. 403 and was the tenth Lodge in the Province of Hertfordshire.

At the appeal for funds to build the Grand Temple at Great Queen Street, Cranbourne raised 1250 guineas, being the highest amount in Hertfordshire, and the second highest in the whole of the 5000 or so Lodges in England. For this, the Lodge earned the proud distinction of being the very first to receive the Hall Stone Collarette and Medal from the Pro Grand Master of England, RW Bro Earl Arnhurst.

The Crest and Name of the Lodge is believed to be that of one of the family names of the Marquess of Salisbury of Hatfield House.