Earl of Clarendon Lodge

Lodge Number: 1984
Consecration: 13 December 1882
Meeting Place: Halsey Masonic Hall – Watford
Meeting Dates: 3rd Wednesday April (Installation)
4th Wednesday January
4th Wednesday February
4th Wednesday May
4th Wednesday October
4th Wednesday November


During the early 1880’s, the Founders of the Earl of Clarendon Lodge No. 1984 originally intended to name the Lodge, ‘The Clarendon Lodge”. The then Provincial Grand Master RW Bro Sir Thomas Halsey objected to the proposed name. He had intended suggesting other names but was forestalled by the Founders, who had already approached Edward Hyde Villiers, 5th Earl of Clarendon, of The Grove, Watford for permission to call the Lodge by his name. This he readily agreed to but pointed out that he was not a Mason. Thus the Lodge commemorates the long and loyal service of the Clarendon family to both their Monarch and Country, and carries an honourable and highly esteemed name of which it is fully proud.