Garston Lodge

Lodge Number: 5644
Consecration: 8 April 1937
Meeting Place: Halsey Masonic Hall – Watford
Meeting Dates: 1st Thursday February (Installation)
1st Thursday March
1st Thursday May
1st Thursday October
1st Thursday December


Watford was growing rapidly in the 1930’s. Several local Masons, joined with the younger Masons moving into the area, including staff of Merchant Taylors’ School who moved from the City Of London in 1933 and petitioned for a new Lodge. Garston is an Anglo Saxon word meaning ‘Grass Town’, and gave its name to the new Lodge. The Crest depicts Garston as it was at that time. A green field with a church in the background is to remind us that behind us is God. The Hart in the centre reminds us of the loyalty due to the province whilst the town surrounding it reminds us of the duty owed to our fellow men.