Halsey Hall Lodge

Lodge Number: 4752
Consecration: 23 September 1925
Meeting Place: Halsey Masonic Hall – Cheshunt
Meeting Dates: 4th Wednesday November (Installation)
4th Wednesday February
3rd Wednesday April
3rd Wednesday September


In 1925 a Steeplejack, a Chartered Accountant, a Chemical Works Engineer, a Police Sergeant. an Estate Agent, a Cartage Contractor, a Fishmonger, and an Income Tax Collector, to name but a few, got together to form a Lodge. Its main aim was to build a Masonic Home in East Hertfordshire. With the help of other Lodges, Halsey Hall Co (Waltham Cross) was formed in 1926, and the Walnut Tree House, Cheshunt, was bought for £3150. Thus Halsey Hall Lodge, after many years, has done its part in promoting the worthy idea of having ‘A Home of its Own’.

The Lodge donated the WM Chair and bought the eighty-five dining room chairs (still in use) for £55.