Halsey Lodge

Lodge Number: 1479
Consecration: 29 April 1874
Meeting Place: Ashwell House – St Albans
Meeting Dates: Last Thursday April (Installation)
Last Thursday January
Last Thursday February
Last Thursday October
Last Thursday November


Halsey Lodge took its name from the family that was to become synonymous with Freemasonry in Hertfordshire. The Lodge was consecrated at the Town Hall, St. Albans by RW Bro Thomas Frederick Halsey. Seven days earlier he had been installed as Provincial Grand Master for Hertfordshire and was later to become the Rt. Hon Sir T F Halsey, Bart., P.C. and appointed Deputy Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England in 1903.  Sir Frederick was the first of four members of the Halsey family to lead the Province of Hertfordshire as Provincial Grand Master.  Sir Frederick from 1873 – 1924; his son, Admiral       Sir Lionel Halsey, GCMG, GCVO, from 1930 – 1949; Lionel’s brother, the Rev. Canon Frederick Halsey from 1949 – 1952; and his son, Guy Marsden Halsey from 1974 – 1985. The Halsey continued their close association with the Lodge and participated in the Celebrations family of its fiftieth and one hundredth anniversaries.

The Halsey Family Coat of Arms was adopted as the Lodge Crest. Its motto “Nescit vox missa reverti” literally translated means “The spoken word cannot be recalled”, or “My word is my bond”.

Lodge meetings were held at the Town Hall, St. Albans until 1935 and subsequently at Ashwell House, Verulam Road, until the present day. Halsey Lodge, in conjunction with St. Albans Lodge, was instrumental in purchasing Ashwell House in 1934 for the sum of £750, and a further £3,750 was required for its renovation and it is now the centre for Freemasonry in St. Albans.

A total of six Craft Lodges (which between them have ten daughter Lodges) have been sponsored by Halsey. The latest was the Guy Marsden Halsey Lodge No  0369, in honour of Sir Frederick’s grandson who was present at its Consecration in 1990.

Halsey Lodge celebrated its 750th Meeting on 28th November 1991 at which over 120 Brethren were present. The original Lodge Banner having disintegrated, a new Banner was dedicated by VW Bro John Burr PGSwdB, Deputy Provincial Grand Master, on 28th April 1994.