Hitchin Lodge

Lodge Number: 6561
Consecration: 9 February 1948
Meeting Place: The Cloisters – Letchworth
Meeting Dates: 2nd Monday February (Installation)
2nd Monday April
2nd Monday June
2nd Monday October
2nd Monday December


The Hitchin Lodge, practising Emulation Working and a daughter of the Cecil Lodge No. 449, (consecrated in 1838), first met at The Sun Inn, Hitchin but transferred to The Cloisters, Letchworth in 1957. A strong Lodge with pride in its reputation of workings and hospitality. The Lodge Banner and Jewel depict the South Porch entrance of the eighth century Parish Church of St. Mary’s, Hitchin which has been a place of worship since the eighth century and has remained relatively unchanged for the last five hundred years. Thought to be dedicated to merchants and crafts, trade crests and tools are chiselled in relief on the stone work of the Porchway. Also prominent on the entrance columns are the Gavel, Square and Compasses. In addition, and of Masonic significance, within the Church reposes a Purbeck marble effigy of Bernard de Balliol, the founder of the Preceptory of Knights Templar at Temple Dinsley, also of the Knights Hospitallers.