King Henry VIII Lodge

Lodge Number: 1757
Consecration: 11 November 1878
Meeting Place: Ashwell House – St Albans
Meeting Dates: 4th Saturday November (Installation)
4th Saturday February
1st Saturday June
2nd Saturday October


The Lodge title derives from the fact that the town of Hemel Hempstead received a charter of Incorporation from Henry VIII.  The Lodge Centenary Banner is a magnificent needlework picture of the flamboyant and colourful monarch, with an original border of interlacing and Tudor roses.  The Lodge, originally meeting at Hemel Hempstead Town Hall, where it was consecrated, was sponsored by Watford Lodge and of the seven Petitioners, five were members of either Watford Lodge No. 404 or Berkhampstead Lodge No. 504, which had thus far accommodated the Borough’s Masonic aspirants.