Kings Weir Lodge

Lodge Number: 9005
Consecration: 8 October 1981
Meeting Place: Halsey Masonic Hall – Cheshunt
Meeting Dates: 2nd Thursday October (Installation)
1st Thursday March
2nd Thursday May
3rd Thursday December


The ‘Kings Weir’ name derives from a local dam, reputedly built by King Alfred of Wessex to trap the invading Danes upstream in AD 896 (remains of Viking ships have actually been found in the area). Thus we had a Royal Person, suitably crowned, near a fall of water.

The Latin motto, ‘Optima Perquirimus Imprimus’ means, literally, ‘Of only the best (manly) quality’, and was incorporated into the Badge and Summons by the artistic son of a Founder.

The Lodge Banner incorporates Nelson’s Column, with the Anchor and Cannon, in honour of its forebears, Nelson Lodge No. 700, Capper Lodge No. 1076 (formed from watermen in the Port of London) and Royal Artillery Lodge No. 258. The final link ‘Walnut Tree House’ where the Lodge meets, belonged to one of Nelson’s captains.