Latimer Lodge

Lodge Number: 4705
Consecration: 22 June 1925
Meeting Place: The Masonic Hall – Radlett
Meeting Dates: 2nd Wednesday October (Installation)
1st Wednesday February
2nd Wednesday March
1st Wednesday November
1st Wednesday December


The reason for the choice of the name of ‘Latimer’ is of both local and historical interest, and curiously by a happy coincidence was selected from a spot adjacent to that from which Gladsmuir Lodge (the Mother Lodge) probably derived its name, i.e. Gladsmuir Heath (described by Bulwer Lytton in ‘The last of the Barons’ as being the scene of the Battle of Barnet). It is there represented by the protected remains of an ‘ancient tree’ locally known as the ‘Latimer Elm’ and under its shelter Bishop Latimer is reputed to have preached to the people. The Lodge Crest bears the quotation, ‘Fortem Te Praesta; Pravo ne cede timori’, which when translated means, ‘Show yourself courageous; do not give way to ignoble fears’, otherwise, ‘Show yourself a man; be not afraid’.