Lea Valley Lodge

Lodge Number: 4827
Consecration: 29 May 1926
Meeting Place: The Pavillion – Luton
Meeting Dates: 1st Saturday June (Installation)
1st Saturday February
1st Saturday April
1st Saturday September
1st Saturday November

Many brethren between the First and Second World Wars spent much time entertaining their friends in bungalows situated at “Dobbs Weir” on the River Lea at Hoddesdon. The Idea of forming a lodge was conceived and a meeting was held at Glade Bungalow on Sunday 1st November 1925 to discuss the project and the decision to proceed was taken. W. Bro W.H. Bowden PPGD, was the first Master and W.Bro J W Hewitt PAGDC was the first Secretary.

The Lodge was consecrated by RW Bro Charles Edward Keyser, Provincial Grand Master of Hertfordshire, in the Temple at Frascati’s Restaurant, Oxford Street.

The Latin inscription on the crest ‘ Constantia inter Mutationes’ is translated, ‘ Constancy amid Change’.

Over time the Lodge attracted mostly members connected to the Vauxhall works in Luton. When Vauxhall Luton closed that source of members ceased but the majority of Lea Valley brethren, both old and new, still come from Luton and its surrounding area.

Lea Valley Lodge is a small piece of Hertfordshire in Bedfordshire.