Lodge of Grand Design

Lodge Number: 7567
Consecration: 19 March 1958
Meeting Place: Halsey Masonic Hall – Cheshunt
Meeting Dates: 1st Monday March (Installation)
4th Monday January
4th Monday April
1st Wednesday November


There were fourteen Founders and, with the exception of one Essex Mason, the majority were from London Lodges, comprising accountants, two ex pilots, company directors, and an architect. The latter designed the crest.

The name of the Lodge is epitomised in a part of the oration given at the Consecration, “Our forebears in Masonry built well, and we of this generation are aware and appreciative of the solid foundations upon which they built”. Life for them had fundamental conceptions of God, of man, his nature and relationships, and these enabled them to raise a superstructure perfect in its parts and honourable to the builders. In brief, our Fathers in Masonry were guided by the principles of godliness, brotherhood, toleration and charity”.

The motto “Felici Mente Sodales”, indicates that state of being happy and communicating that happiness.

Many of the Members are ex rowers or yachtsmen, though some of the younger element still mess about in boats.

The Founders’ theme was Masonry should be fun, work hard and play hard.