Mimmine Lodge

Lodge Number: 4932
Consecration: 19 November 1927
Meeting Place: Ashwell House – St Albans
Meeting Dates: 2nd Thursday March (Installation)
2nd Thursday January
3rd Thursday April
2nd Wednesday October
2nd Thursday November


Mimmine Lodge was formed for residents of Potters Bar, Barnet, Little Heath, North and South Mimms, and for London based Masons finding difficulty attending meetings.

Mimmine was the ancient name of that part of Hertfordshire comprising the parishes of North and South Mimms. The Domesday Book of 1086 records: “The Bishop of Chester holds Mimmine”, and in 1237 Thomas de St. Alban is recorded as the “first Rector of Mimmine”; the Golden Jubilee service of thanksgiving was held in North Mimms Church.  The design of the five barred gate showing ‘Charity’, ‘Prudence’, ‘Justice‘, ‘ Fortitude‘, ‘Temperance’ on the Lodge Crest was chosen because of its connections with the area and the many ancient Toll Bars found where the old turnpike roads cross the Mimms district.cration Ceremony in the Shire Hall, Hertford.