New Elizabethan Lodge

Lodge Number: 7419
Consecration: 15 December 1955
Meeting Place: Halsey Masonic Hall – Cheshunt
Meeting Dates: 3rd Thursday November (Installation)
3rd Thursday February
3rd Thursday May
3rd Thursday July

The Founders were mainly from the Enfield Lodge No. 1237 in the Province of Middlesex, who met at the Halsey Hall. The Lodge was formed ‘To absorb the intake of persons seeking admission into Freemasonry in this part of the Province and thereby lighten the load on the several Lodges meeting at Halsey Hall’.

To support the application membership figures of various Lodges were given and these are a few examples:

Halsey Hall Lodge – 100, Theobalds – 106, King Harold – 131, James Terry – 133.

Unfortunately, membership numbers today are considerably less for each of these Lodges!

The original name selected was ‘Regina’, but as the first Founders’ meeting took place just after the coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, ‘New Elizabethan’ was adopted.

The first meeting of the Founders was held on the 8th February, 1954 at the “Kings Head” Public House, Enfield. Convened by W. Bro. Richardson and chaired by W.Bro. Bennell and was attended by 14 Brethren with 3 apologies for absence.

King Harold Lodge No.1327 acted as sponsor and became our Mother Lodge.

It was decided to adopt Taylors form of working, with the Permissive Variations based on Logic Ritual being adopted in May 1965.

On the 20th July, 1955, a petition was made to the Province for permission to form the Lodge. The petition was accepted by Grand Lodge at the meeting held on the 7th October of that year and the number 7419 allotted.

Our Crest is the result of a design submitted by W. Bro Selby. Some may realize that it was “cribbed” from the reverse side of a Sovereign, namely, “St. George slaying the dragon” but despite this origin, the Founders were delighted when Grand Lodge approved the design.

The Lodge was consecrated on Thursday 15th December, 1955 by

R.W. Bro. The Revd. JOSEPH MOFFETT D.D., PGCh., Provincial Grand Master

W.Bro. M.J. BENNELL, LLB.    ..        ..        ..        ..    W.M. Designate

Bro. A.E. BRACEY      ..        ..        ..        ..        ..        S.W. Designate

Bro. F.J. WHITMAN     ..        ..        ..        ..        ..        J.W. Designate

A six-course meal was provided for the Festive Board, which was enjoyed by no fewer than 92 diners, 56 of whom were guests.

Our collars were donated by the first officers and three pairs of gauntlets purchased.

The collars and gauntlets have been replaced twice in our 50-year history. .

W.Bro. A.E. Bracey presented the Apron Cushion on 15th February 1956.

W.Bro. A.E. Bracey presented the poigniard on 21st February 1957.

Mrs Goss donated the Lodge Bible on the 16th July 1964, in memory of her husband, Ted, who was DC from the consecration until his death on 15th February, 1964.

W.Bro. E. Hellyer presented the Bible Cushion on 17th July, 1969 on being elected Master Elect. The cushion was the handwork of his good lady.

G.P. meetings were initially held at The Stag Public House, Enfield. It was generally agreed that this was an inappropriate place to interview Candidates, and these meetings were subsequently held at Halsey Hall, Cheshunt.

On the 15th December, 1980, the Lodge celebrated its Silver Jubilee with the dedication of the Lodge Banner, donated by W.Bro. K. Burfoot, PPGReg, our Almoner for the best part of twenty years.

The Banner was dedicated by W.Bro. Godfrey B. Kent T.D. PSGD Assistant Provincial Grand Master

On the 15th December, 2005, the Lodge celebrated its Golden Jubilee with the Re-dedication of the Lodge Banner by R.W.Bro. Colin Harris then Provincial Grand Master.

The Lodge has and will continue to support various charities both Masonic and non-Masonic, as well as assisting Halsey Hall (WX) Ltd. in its endeavours to improve the facilities for the masons meeting there. For many years, three of our Brethren, W.Bro. M. Francis, W.Bro. D. McGregor and W.Bro. Clive Bradnum have served as Directors on the Board of Halsey Hall (WX) Ltd., and worked tirelessly to provide the facilities we now enjoy. The Lodge is a Patron of the Halsey Hall Patronage Scheme.

It is said that it takes seven to rule a Lodge, and the Bradnum family could rule one on its’ own.

On July 16th, 2009 a unique Initiation Ceremony was performed at Halsey Hall, Cheshunt.

The six offices were held by six family members, initiating the seventh, young Ben, who at 18 years and two weeks, must have been one of the youngest, if not the youngest Freemason in Hertfordshire.

Ben’s father, Mark conducted the Ceremony from the Masters Chair, uncles Glen, Clive and Paul, acted as Wardens and Senior Deacon, whilst Ben’s cousin John carried out the duties of Junior Deacon with brother Sam as Inner Guard.

Uncle Paul rendered the 1st Degree working tools and the charge after initiation was delivered in an excellent and extremely moving manner, by Ben’s 21 year old brother Sam.

The occasion was made even more special by the attendance of several members of the Provincial Executive who wished to witness the ‘family affair’ If you are aware of any Lodge with a greater number of active family members, please write and let us know.

The records show that through the years the progress of the New Elizabethan Lodge has been variable, but generally steady. The Lodge tends to get on with its work quietly, no spectacular accomplishments, no great deeds, no special mentions, just the ceaseless work for the Craft,  the epitome of English Freemasonry.