Old Elizabethan & Totteridge Lodge

Lodge Number: 7987
Consecration: 30 October 1964 Amalgamated 2017
Meeting Place: Halsey Masonic Hall – Cheshunt
Meeting Dates: 3rd Thursday October (Installation)
2nd Monday March
1st Thursday May
1st Thursday December


The Lodge was conceived in the ‘back parlour’ of the Founding Master’s
(the late W. Bro Sandy Powell) house in Edgeware in 1963, fulfilling a
desire amongst the Old Boys of Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School, Barnet,
to establish a Craft Lodge and perpetuate the friendships and associations
created at School.

A number of Fathers became Founder Members and, until recently, the
Lodge Membership was exclusively for the Old Boys of the School or direct

The Lodge Crest (and banner logo) are derived from the School Crest
incorporating the white and red roses of the Houses of York and Lancashire,
together with the School motto: “God and My Right”.