Phocas Lodge

Lodge Number: 9295
Consecration: 20 November 1988
Meeting Place: Halsey Masonic Hall – Cheshunt
Meeting Dates: 1st Tuesday October (Installation)
3rd Tuesday March
2nd Tuesday May
3rd Tuesday December


Three Members of Old Church Lodge No. 7070, Essex, founded Phocas in memory of Bro Robert Price, a nursery owner who lived in Cheshunt, Herts. Bro Robert attained the Office of Senior Warden in Old Church, but was unable to continue to the Chair due to a heart condition. He became a stalwart at Lodge of Instruction, helping every new candidate with his ritual, giving extra tuition in his greenhouses. The name Phocas is derived from St. Phocas, the Patron Saint of Gardening. The Latin inscription, “Pietas Caritas et Humilitas” means “Godliness, Charity and Humility”.