Prince Hamlet Lodge

Lodge Number: 9864
Consecration: 25 March 2011
Meeting Place: The Cloisters – Letchworth
Meeting Dates: Last Friday March
Last Saturday June
Saturday following the 4th Saturday in October
Saturday following the 4th Saturday in January

The idea to form this new Lodge came as a result of conversations with a number of Danish Freemasons who had been exalted into Chapters in the Royal Arch Province of Hertfordshire, as there were no Royal Arch Chapters in Denmark.

Whilst attending their respective Chapters, they attended several Craft Lodge meetings and had been impressed with the competency of the workings and friendliness of the reception they received.

The Danish Brethren had suggested that they would like to join a Lodge in the English Constitution and in particular, one that met at the Cloisters, Letchworth on the same day as the meridian meeting of the Cloisters Chapter No 7100, which would enable them to attend two meetings on the same day.

The meeting dates of Lodges in the Province were examined but none could match the dates required. The Deputy Provincial Grand Master, VW Bro Allan Atkinson, concluded that if a minimum of 25 brethren would become Founders then a new Lodge might be considered.

W Bro David Hampton, the Scribe E of the Cloisters Chapter, was enthusiastic about the idea and within a few weeks, 25 Brethren had expressed their interest.

Discussions took place between brethren, Province and UGLE and at the time of these meetings the number of proposed founders had risen to 36.

The case for a new Lodge was placed before the PGM, RW Bro. Colin Harris, who subsequently confirmed that the brethren proceed with the Petition.

At the first meeting of the Founders, several names were suggested for the new Lodge but the name “Prince Hamlet” seemed appropriate because of the strong connection the Lodge would have with Denmark and as an accolade to one of the greatest writers in English literature.

It was also decided that the Lodge should have a wider appeal, as its aim is to develop and foster fraternal relations with Continental Lodges, recognised by the United Grand Lodge of England.

Prince Hamlet Lodge No. 9864 was consecrated by the Provincial Grand Master,  RW Bro. Colin Harris, on Friday 25th March 2011 at The Cloisters, Letchworth.

He was supported by

VW Bro Allan Atkinson PGSwdB Deputy Provincial Grand Master  as Installing Master

W Bro Paul Gower PSGD Assistant Provincial Grand Master  as Immediate Past Master

Attended by W Bro Alan Hurved, Provincial Senior Grand Warden as Senior Warden

W Bro Jeremy Wilson, Provincial Junior Grand Warden as Junior Warden

Assisted by W Bro Anthony Wright, Provincial Deputy Grand Chaplain as Chaplain

W Bro Keith Gilbert PAGDC, Provincial Grand Secretary as Secretary

W Bro James Harrison PAGDC Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies as Director of Ceremonies.

W Bro Robert Curson, Provincial Grand Sword Bearer as Senior Deacon

W Bro Paul Carey, Provincial Junior Grand Deacon as Junior Deacon

W Bro Ollie Wells, Provincial Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies as Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies

W Bro Tony Reffold, Provincial Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies as Additional Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies

W Bro Maurice Champ PGStB, Provincial Grand Organist as Organist

W Bro Tony Nutley, Provincial Grand Steward as Inner Guard

W.Bro. Alick Burge, Provincial Grand Tyler as Tyler