Priory Lodge

Lodge Number: 5152
Consecration: 8 February 1930
Meeting Place: Ashwell House – St Albans
Meeting Dates: 4th Saturday January (Installation)
4th Saturday March
2nd Saturday September
3rd Saturday November


The Priory Lodge was formed by Abbey Lodge No. 3341. As in the Middle Ages, when a Monastery became overcrowded, Brethren would rehouse themselves elsewhere, and call their new home a Priory. This is what Abbey Lodge undertook. Priory Lodge was consecrated at The Salisbury Hotel, Barnet. The formation meetings were held in Room 13, House of Commons, at the invitation of the first Master RW Bro The Rt Hon. G A Isaacs, PGW (later Minister of Labour in the Attlee Cabinet). The name Priory is thought to take its origin from the Priory at Blakenham in Suffolk, illustrated on the Lodge Banner.