Rosewood Lodge

Lodge Number: 8793
Consecration: 10 November 1977
Meeting Place: The Masonic Hall – Radlett
Meeting Dates: 4th Friday February (Installation)
3rd Friday May
4th Friday September
4th Friday November


A Middlesex Lodge, on the occasion of the celebration of its Golden Jubilee, decided to try to form a Royal Arch Chapter. The jubilee Committee found insufficient support for a Chapter, but as many of its members lived in Hertfordshire, they decided to form a Craft Lodge at Radlett. An informal meeting at Williams Way, Radlett in June 1976 confirmed sufficient support. The Founders were, in the main, drawn from three Lodges. Harrow Weald No. 5194, from Middlesex, celebrating its Jubilee, and Helio No. 3900, from London worked West End ritual, which was adopted for the new Lodge. The third Lodge was the sponsoring Lodge from Hertfordshire, Kingswood No. 2278. The Lodge was consecrated by the Provincial Grand Master, RW Bro Guy M Halsey at The Rose Walk, Radlett. The First Master was W. Bro Joe Garnsey, Tyler of the Harrow Weald Lodge and a Past Master of Kingswood Lodge.

Rosewood was partly derived from the name of the Sponsoring Lodge  Kingswood and partly from the address of the Radlett Centre The Rose Walk. A Banner was dedicated in 1987 on the tenth anniversary of the Lodge.