Salisbury Union Lodge

Lodge Number: 767
Consecration: Amalgamation 28th January 2012
Meeting Place: Ashwell House – St Albans
Meeting Dates: 4th Saturday October (Installation) 2nd Saturday February 3rd Saturday March 4th Saturday November

The Lodge was formed as the result of an amalgamation of Union and Salisbury Lodges granted on 14th December 2011, the first meeting took place on Saturday 28th January 2012. Union Lodge No 767 Consecrated 24th June 1859 Genealogical information about Union Lodge, unfortunately, cannot be provided. In 1972 the Government of Pakistan proscribed Freemasonry and the Temple and its contents (records and regalia) were seized. All that was saved was the Banner and the then current Register dating from 1932 and a newly opened Minute Book dating from 1972.

The Lodge received its Warrant of Constitution on 16th December 1972. Originally, it was known as No 1069, but in 1865 the number was changed to 767. The Lodge was then in the district of Bombay, later it came under the District of Punjab and, finally, after the Partition of India, the District of Pakistan. It seems likely from the Record Book that the mainstay of the Lodge up until Partition would have been serving members of the Imperial military forces who would often have served periods of duty in India under the Raj, Indian Army personnel and civilians (British and Indian), who would have provided continuity of Officers of the Lodge ‑ the list of Masters that exists from 1859 shows several Masters as having been in Office more than one year; indeed one WM served that Office in 1875, 1878, 1879, and 1888 !

The Lodge closed in 1866 and reopened in 1868, from which the Lodge’s Centenary is dated. The Lodge moved to the United Kingdom in 1975 and met under Dispensation at Great Queen Street whilst seeking a permanent home. This was achieved in 1978 with a move into the Province of Hertfordshire. Salisbury Lodge No 3228 Consecrated 2nd March 1907 The Lodge was formed by a number of active Masons in the Hatfield area and named after Lord Salisbury for his considerable gifts and work for charity.  The Lodge was consecrated by RW Bro The Rt. Hon Thomas F Halsey, Deputy Grand Master, Provincial Grand Master of Hertfordshire. The first Master was W. Bro M T Lander. The Lodge Crest is a Hart over blue water with gold lettering surround. The Latin inscription means ‘Honest and Brave’.

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