Shephall Lodge

Lodge Number: 7338
Consecration: 19 March 1954
Meeting Place: The Cloisters – Letchworth
Meeting Dates: 2nd Wednesday March (Installation)
2nd Wednesday January
2nd Wednesday May
3rd Tuesday September
2nd Wednesday November

The banner and Lodge Crest take their rise from the Lych Gate of the Church in Shephall village, a village in the middle of Stevenage, the first new town under the 1946 New Towns Act.

It was decided to pursue the formation of a new Lodge specifically for those Masons who had come to the new town and were isolated from their own Lodges. Regular meetings were held at the Shephall Vicarage under the guidance of the Vicar of Aston and Shephall, The Rev. H F T Blowey OBE. Amongst the Founders were six Members of the Development Corporation staff. Dacre Lodge No. 2086 is the Mother Lodge.