Stability in Hertfordshire Lodge

Lodge Number: 9102
Consecration: 13 April 1984
Meeting Place: The Masonic Hall – Radlett
Meeting Dates: 3rd Monday January (Installation)
3rd Monday March
3rd Monday September
3rd Monday November


This Lodge was sponsored by the James Terry Lodge No. 2372 and a number of Masons living in Hertfordshire, who had been Members of, or had connection with the sixteen Lodges in England who used Stability Working, who all got together once a year in Norfolk for a combined Stability Meeting.

This is the Stability background

In 1813, two English Grand Lodges amalgamated to form the present United Grand Lodge. On amalgamation, each Grand Lodge appointed nine “worthies” plus two secretaries (total twenty) to form the Lodge of Reconciliation which was entrusted with the duty of establishing and securing the “most perfect unity of obligation, of discipline, of working the Lodges, of making, passing and raising, instructing and clothing Brothers”. During 1814-15 eight Brethren, including Philip Broadfoot, were appointed to fill vacancies. The system as settled and taught by this Lodge of Reconciliation was approved by United Grand Lodge at the Quarterly communication on 5th June 1816. Its work completed, the Lodge of Reconciliation was dissolved, but ten of its Members, realising the need of an authoritative teaching body, joined the Stability Lodge of Instruction (three of the ten, including Philip Broadfoot, being Founder Members). There may have been other general Lodges of Instruction working at that time, but if so they have left no record and have no present existence.

It is of interest to note that the Emulation Lodge of Instruction came into being in 1823, and its figurehead, Peter Gilkes, joined in 1825. Unlike ‘Stability’. which from its earlier date in 1817 concentrated on the ritual and ceremonial as approved by Grand Lodge in 1816, Bro Gilkes stated in 1830 that in the Emulation Lodge of Instruction he taught “only lectures”.