Stanboroughs Lodge

Lodge Number: 9523
Consecration: 31 January 1994
Meeting Place: Halsey Masonic Hall – Cheshunt
Meeting Dates: 3rd Thursday January (Installation) 3rd Thursday April 3rd Thursday June 3rd Thursday October

Are you weary with routine? Do you wish for an interesting and purposeful way to use your spare time: learning something new to the benefit of yourself and society?!! Freemasonry can positively change your attitudes to your own life, and that of others, for the better. Our members regard masonry as a social hobby that provides them with (i) some meaningful purpose, (ii) a place to meet friends and make interesting new acquaintances from all walks of life, and (iii) to do good in society by contributing to various charities!! If you have time to spare, and are seeking a stimulating outlook on life, and your part in it, Stanboroughs masonic lodge may be the place for you. You don’t even have to change your diet, give up drink, or cease enjoying yourself. Quite the opposite in fact!!

Based in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire, Stanboroughs Lodge practises and teaches the degrees of Craft masonry in a friendly atmosphere and in good humour. This involves developing a mental discipline to learn and perform ancient ceremonies on four ‘regular’ occasions during the year. These serious ceremonies are followed by a relaxing celebratory dinner in a convivial and friendly atmosphere. Our motto is ‘Patience and Industry Will Entitle’!!

During the rest of the year we meet at Lodges of Instruction (LoI) to perfect our ceremonies, and receive instruction about the meaning of the masonic ritual. Throughout the year we also support national, masonic and local good causes both through the Provincial Grand Lodge of Hertfordshire, and our own Lodge programme!! We meet for Regular Meetings at Halsey Hall, Cheshunt, on the above dates, usually at 4:30pm for a 5:00pm start. We normally finish dinner just after 9:00 pm! Our Lodges of Instruction (LoI) are held fortnightly at the Rye Park Conservative Club, Rye Road, Hoddesdon, on the first, third and fifth Wednesday of each month starting at 7:30 pm for 8:00 pm, and finishing about 9:00 pm, followed by a social get-together at the bar!! If you are already a Freemason we would warmly welcome you to any of our Regular or LoI meetings either as a guest or Joining Member. We practise Emulation Working with Taylor’s floor work!!

If you are interested in us please call our secretary Ken Johnson on 07749 488752, or email .