Stevenage Lodge

Lodge Number: 7748
Consecration: 31 January 1961
Meeting Place: The Cloisters – Letchworth
Meeting Dates: 3rd Monday March (Installation)
3rd Monday January
4th Monday September
2nd Monday November
2nd Friday December


The Lodge, formulated by a close knit band of dedicated Masons from various local Lodges and sponsored by Dacre Lodge No. 2086, to serve the requirements of the area, was consecrated at The Cloisters, Letchworth.

The Banner designed and presented by W. Bro F C Tollafield, one of the Founders, was dedicated in 1963, and incorporates the names of twenty-one of the Founder Members, the Ancient Six Roman Burial Mounds of Stevenage, the Hertfordshire Hart, a Bay Tree (the first planted in New Stevenage), and a Gate with Squared Pavement representing the Gateway to the North of the Lodge.