Veritatem Sequere Lodge

Lodge Number: 9615
Consecration: 24 May 1996
Meeting Place: Ashwell House – St Albans
Meeting Dates: 1st Friday October (Installation)
4th Monday January
2nd Wednesday July


Thoughts about a Research Lodge in Hertfordshire were deemed premature in 1979, but discussions at a meeting of Hertfordshire Masters’ Lodge No. 4090 on 23rd. April 1993, resuscitated the idea. It was clear that there would soon be a 200th Lodge in the Province and it was thought that it would be appropriate for it to be such a Research Lodge drawing its membership from the whole Province.

The first thought on name was Red Rampant Lyon Lodge to commemorate the first Hertfordshire Lodge No. 181, warranted on 10th February 1739, but regrettably erased on 24th July 1755 by which date it had been renumbered 168. It was, however, deemed more appropriate to use the name ‘Veritatem Sequere’ which may be translated as ‘Pursuit of Truth’.

The aim of the Lodge is to stimulate Masonic interest in the Province beyond ritual knowledge, and to promote the study of Masonic history, especially in Hertfordshire, and of the symbolic meaning of Masonry.